General Release from Liability and Assumption of Risk

The undersigned herein agrees to release and hold harmless Jeronimo Alfaro aka Jerry Alfaro
individually and DBA Hit & Run LLC his agent, employees, workers, and all others hired by him
to assist in the operation of Hit & Run batting cages, speed and plyometric training from any
and all liability and or claims for damages involving the use of the batting cages, facilities and
equipment at the Hit & Run premises located 603 S Milliken Ave A, Ontario, CA 91761.

The undersigned herein agrees to assume the risk of using any and all equipment at the
aforesaid premises of Hit & Run and waives any and all claims for damages and/or liability
against Hit & Run LLC, Jeronimo Alfaro aka Jerry Alfaro. The undersigned will operate all
batting cages and speed and plyometric training equipment pursuant to rules and instructions
from Hit & Run management as instructed verbally and by the posted written notices from Hit
& Run management/ Jeronimo Alfaro aka Jerry Alfaro. Failure to comply with the terms of
this release or safety rules set forth by Hit & Run management will result in a complete and
total waiver of liability and or claim for damages against Jeronimo Alfaro aka Jerry Alfaro
DBA Hit & Run LLC and may result in refusal of service and/or ejection from the premises of
Hit & Run LLC for failure to abide by aforesaid rules.

The undersigned has read and fully understands the terms, contents, and conditions of this
release and agrees to be bound by all rules of Hit & Run LLC. The undersigned signs both as
an individual, parent and/or guardian on behalf of any minor participant of as an adult
representative of any team using the Hit & Run LLC facility.

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