Our Mission

Hit & Run Batting Cages encourages athletes development by providing opportunities for personal and athletic growth. Hit & Run promotes sportsmanship, self-esteem, and the development of life skills through engaging clients in Baseball/Softball while providing a safe, healthy, positive environment where the athletes of our community can learn the fundamentals of the game. Our objective is to off you the athlete the very best in Baseball/Softball Training in our area.

What We Offer

Seven Cages, with 2 Iron Mike Automatic Baseball machines. Speeds from 35-80+ Miles per hour. Atec self feeding baseball machine, 20-60 MPH. 5 Jug Softball Machines, 20-60 MPH and 1 super Jug Machine that pitches up to 70MPH. We also have a Tee Station cage, with 2 soft toss areas as well as a Bullpen for 60.6 feet and less.

We Train Winners.

Speed, Agility and Strength Training - Train with qualified trainers with Baseball/Softball backgrounds - We use ladders, hurdles, medicine balls, jump ropes. To enhance ones lateral movement, explosiveness, stamina and work ethic. Best place to come Hit then Run. Open to the public, reservations are not required but are strongly recommended. Especially during peak hours 5-8pm. Be alert that hours may vary during seasons

What's On Deck
  1. 1. We are now open once again. Thank You for your support.
  2. 2. M-F: 3pm - 10pm - Sat & Sun: 9am - 4pm