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WE TRAIN WINNERS. Speed, Agility and Strength Training - Train with qualified trainers with
Baseball/Softball backgrounds - We use ladders, hurdles, medicine balls,
jump ropes. To enhance ones lateral movement, explosiveness, stamina
and work ethic. Best place to come Hit then Run. Open to the public,
reservations are not required but are strongly recommended. Especially
during peak hours 5-8pm. Be alert that hours may vary during seasons

Covid update

Masks must be worn. We request that we try and keep our social distancing inside the facility as we lower the amount of people inside the facility. If teams come in, we recommend only players and coaches inside. We have Hand Sanitizer available and our facility is cleaned and prepped throughout the day. Appointments are recommended right now as we try and limit the amount of people inside. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to see you soon.

About Hit & Run Batting Cages

Our Mission

We are one of the top state of the art facilities in the area. We were established in 2006 with our first home being built in the city of Montlcair.  Jerry Alfaro bought the facility in 2013 and then moved it to Ontario the year after and has seen the business grow with the help of  community. We are a family own business.

What We Offer

We have 6 cages with 2 cages of 70 feet. Our 2 automatic Iron Mike baseball pitching machines range in speeds from 35 MPH to 85. We also have 2 self feeder machines that can go as low as 25 MPH. On the Softball side, we have 4 machines with one top machine that throws multiple types of pitches such as risers and sinkers(for the advance hitter). Plenty of batting tees and balls available. Also bat and helmet rentals are free. We also have a area in the back for speed, agility training with plenty of parking.

Hit Trax

Our Hit Trax is the top training tool in the market as the individual will be hitting with the stimulator which gives you automatic feedback and data such as exit velocity, launch angle, spray chart, batting average and you hit in your favorite stadium. Must try!!
Win reality membership and rental Virtual Reality- working on pitch recognition and live hitting to prepare you for real

Сheck out our Instagram profile and follow us for bursts of inspiration