Team Special Package

Pay For 4 WeeksSecure your spot$240


Hitting, Pitching & Defense30 Minutes$40
Hitting, Pitching & Defense1 Hour$75
Our instructors for Softball
  • April Valdez( Oklahoma University )
  • Kristi Dunn ( Ohio St )
  • Chenita Rogers-Edwards ( CSUSF)
Our instructors for Baseball
  • Jerry Alfaro ( CSUSB )
  • Nick McDonald ( La Verne University )

Monthly Packages

For Individuals
Once a week
for the month
30 Minutes$60*
Twice a week
for the month
30 Minutes
per day
for the month
30 Minutes
per day
* Rates apply to non-prime hours which are before 5 and after 8:30

General Pricing

Live Cage1 Hour$40
One Cage1 Hour$40
Two Cages1 Hour$65
Three Cages1 Hour$85
Speed, Agility Training1 Hour$60 (per team) or
$8 (per individual)
HitTrax30 Minutes$35
HitTrax1 Hour$50